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This is another of the South African Protea species we have specifically picked due to it's cultural requirements. They will grow in either an acidic or alkaline soil and can be found growing on the coast on a bed rock of limestone. Growing on the coast they will tolerate and are often covered by salt spray on the cliff edges in South Africa. Due to them not being fussy about the soil type makes them very adaptable to growing in a garden situation. Flowers are formed during the summer and open in the autumn/winter these are beautiful, being shiny and richly coloured from pink to a deep carmine colour. As with all Protea they don't like phosphates so they are best not feed with anything other than a nitrogen feed or even left to grow on their own. This species will need winter protection when then temperatures fall below zero to be safe. Plant in a free drainig soil to avoid the plant sitting in a waterlogged soil during the winter. Height 2m Spread 3m


9cm pot