Osmocote Exact Fertiliser
Osmocote Exact Fertiliser

Osmocote Exact Fertiliser

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This is a commercial grade fertiliser and the same as we use in lots of our mixes on the nursery. This Osmocote is designed to last up to 8 to 9 months and contains added trace elements for extra benefits for the plants, usually the plants will benefit from it for a year. Supplied as 500g in a grip seal bag to help maintain a fresh product.

Unique resin coating makes it equally suitable for once a year application on young and mature plants.

Slow release nitrogen ensures stable, consistent growth throughout the year

Analysis: NPK: 17-9-10+2MgO+Trace Elements

Key benefits

  • Coating allows prolonged nutrient release according to temperature & moisture in the soil 
  • High potash for temperature control & better flowering
  • Suitable for use at planting and as a top dressing
  • Extra Trace Elements
  • Ideal for plants, shrubs & trees at all stages of growth
Pot Volume Size Application Rate
1 L 10-20 cm 10g
2-3 L 20-40 cm 25g
5 L 40-60 cm 40g
10 L 60-80 cm 50g
15 L 80-100 cm 60g


  • See application rates for quantities to apply
  • Add granules to the digging hole at planting
  • Apply as a top dressing around the drip line for trees & shrubs
  • Work carefully into top soil
  • Water in well after application

NB: Wash hands after use. Keep pets and children away during application until granules are washed in.